MSO / MCO / Registration

The X18 is EPA approved and is manufactured as an off-road vehicle. It is legal for private property, off-road, and closed course competition use in all 50 States.

It is not street legal. However, it can be registered for street use in many states. Most of our customers who have wanted to register these bikes for street use have been able to do so. You may need to add a license plate holder and/or rear-view mirrors, or other minor modifications. These items are inexpensive, can be found at most local scooter or motorcycle shops, and are easily attached via simple modifications.

All vehicle(s) come with a factory standard Manufacturer Certificate of Origin (MCO) which may be used for registration.  We also include an official Manufacturer Statement of Origin (MSO) for registration, with no extra charge for this document.

We make no guarantee regarding your ability to register this bike for street use. Each state and county is different and may have different registration requirements. Be sure to check with your local DMV or state authority for registration requirements prior to purchase.  No refunds are available on the basis of inability to register this Super Pocket Bike.






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