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WorldWide ReSOURCE strives to bring you quality products that will provide years of enjoyment. However, the products we sell are complex machines and may arrive from the factory with minor defects that require resolution under the manufacturer's warranty program. Please read this page entirely, especially if you are considering purchasing a vehicle from us, to learn how the warranty program works.  



Manufacturer Warranty Program

Every vehicle we sell on our website includes a manufacturer's warranty, unless otherwise specified. In general, the warranty states that the product you purchase will arrive free of defects or the manufacturer will replace the defective parts free of charge for the warranty period stated, with a few exceptions. It's very important to note the exceptions and also the conditions under which the warranty is offered, which are explained in detail below.

We guarantee our products from manufacturer defects within the first 30 days from the date you receive your item.  Certain items carry longer warranty periods (up to one year along with labor), certain restrictions apply.  Please see your item description to determine your warranty period.  Unless otherwise noted, warranty covers factory defects and defaults only. We do not cover misuse or broken parts caused by the user or by any other event.  We will be responsible for the shipping costs for the initial bike order only.  Any warranty parts that are needed will require the customer to pay all shipping and handling costs.

At our discretion, we require either submission of digital pictures of the part in question or the original part be returned to us with a copy of the invoice and a brief statement indicating the defective nature of the merchandise.  Upon arrival, we will verify the defect.  Please note, items are covered for regular use, if we find the cause to be from misuse or abuse the item(s) may be outside the warranty and the customer may incur repair charges.  Replacement parts are shipped as soon as possible in the event of warranty issues, but it is customer's responsibility to physically install the replacement parts.  If it is necessary for the full product to be returned for repair or replacement, customers are responsible for the shipping cost to and from the warehouse.

Limited parts warranty detail:

Warranty is effective only if:

(1) The product is completely and correctly assembled by any end users.
(2) The product is used under normal conditions for its intended purpose.
(3) The product receives all necessary maintenance and adjustments.

The following are warranty limitations and exclusions, unless noted by the manufacturer:  

    ·          Engines

    ·          Filters  

    ·          Hoses

    ·          Lubricants

    ·          Gaskets

    ·          Spark plugs 

    ·          Plastic parts & components (color coordinated housings/fairings, etc.)

    ·          Batteries, brakes, brake handles, seats, lights, belts and tires.  

    ·          Extreme riding, racing or competition

    ·          Loss of time without motorcycle

    ·          Vandalism, fire or theft

    ·          Crash or accident

    ·          Unauthorized outside repair  



Vehicle Prep, Replacement of Defective Parts and Labor


Our manufacturers all agree to replace defective parts under their warranty program for the warranty period stated. However, this warranty does not include labor to diagnose the problem, remove the defective part, or install the replacement part. Please consider this carefully! Even in the event that your vehicle arrives with a defect that prevents you from using it immediately, your only course of action is to file a warranty claim through us to resolve the problem.

We want to be 100% clear on this policy so you can take it into consideration before deciding to purchase a vehicle. The vehicles we sell are crated at the manufacturer's factory. They are intended to be in fully operational, defect-free condition when they arrive at our warehouse and are shipped to you, but occasionally there are minor problems that must be resolved during setup and vehicle prep. Normally, these issues are handled by a local powersports dealer who will then charge you $100-$300 as a "prep" fee. One of the big savings you enjoy by purchasing a vehicle from us is avoiding this fee and performing the prep yourself. However, this also requires that you have the tools and knowledge to deal with these issues. If, for example, your vehicle has a defective part that needs replacement under the warranty program, we'll gladly send you the replacement part, but you'll be responsible for removing the defective part, installing the new part, and making the proper adjustments so that it will operate correctly. If you're not up to the job, you'll be responsible for bringing the vehicle to a mechanic and paying for the cost of the repair.  

Regarding vehicle prep, we highly recommend that you bring your vehicle to a mechanic for setup and prep unless you have experience in small engines. Ideally, you should be able to simply tighten all the fittings, change the shipping fluid, and fill the tank with gas and drive off, but that isn't always the case nor do we guarantee or imply that this will be the case.  At the very least, you should have a mechanic on standby that can be available to assist you if you run into problems.  

Please also note that incomplete or incorrect vehicle prep may void the manufacturer's warranty. For example, if you fail to check the tightness of all nuts and bolts - including those installed at the factory - the manufacturer will not replace a part damaged by a loose nut or bolt.  

We recommend that, upon arrival, you do the following:

1. Drain the shipping fluid and replace with a high quality 4-cycle engine oil.

2. Use 93 octane fuel or better.

3. Inspect and tighten all nuts, bolts, fittings.  Consider using Loctite Threadlocker.

4. Insert the fuse.

5. Read the manual and follow the start-up and break-in instructions exactly.

If all of this sounds like more than you are capable of, then you may be better off just going to a local dealer and paying the extra money to purchase a fully assembled, fully prepped vehicle.






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