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X18 Brakes
Best-in-class Hydraulic Front and Rear Brakes
The X18 has front and rear hydraulic disc brakes
The X18's hydraulic disc brakes provide far more control and safety than the typical mechanical brakes found on similar pocketbikes. This bike also features enhanced shortened hydraulic lines and a rear foot brake for maximum stopping power and control. These top-of-the-line hydraulic disc brakes are like those used on full-sized racing bikes. These usually sell in retail stores for $125 each, and this bike has two sets of them (both front and rear).

The front brake is activated by the lever on the left side of the handle bars. The rear brake system is engaged by the right foot lever. When riding the bike, you can now rest your right foot on the peg and have easy access to slam on the brakes to make a sudden stop if needed. There are two advantages to this setup: 1. Your foot can provide more force on the brake even if your right hand is still on the throttle, and 2. The shorter hydraulic line from the foot brake to the rear wheel means more control to avoid skids.

When riding a fast bike such as this one, you need to know you can stop fast and safely. Practically all other bikes have either standard mechanical brakes or cheaper versions of hydraulic brakes. Some don't even have rear disc brakes and use cheaper drum brakes instead. Anything inferior to the brake system on this bike is UNSAFE to the rider and should be a very important consideration when making a purchase.






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