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X18 Controls
Controls, Gauges, Buttons, Throttle. Form & Function.
The X18 Super Pocket bike has easy to read gauges

The X18 Super Pocket bike has easy to read gauges. The analog speedometer goes up to 70 mph. It comes equipped with a Turn Signal Indicator, LED Gear Indicator, and a Headlight Indicator. As an added security feature, the X18 comes with ignition keys. It also features a choke button at your fingertips! All similar super bikes have the old-style choke that is hard to reach down by the carburetor!

The right handlebar assembly has the twist throttle grip. It is very easy to control your speed with this real motorcycle twist grip. You can smoothly and responsively deliver power to control your speed from 10 mph all the way to 58+ mph! The red button is the electric start.

To engage the electric start, you must hold down the right brake lever while pressing the red button. Do not press this for a long period of time for that may result in damage to the electric starter. The right handlebar assembly also has the front brake lever that should only be used with the rear foot brake located on the right side next to the foot peg. For safety reasons, please do not use front brake when traveling at high speeds.

Throttle and front brake are located at the right handlebar grip

The clutch assembly is located at the left handlebar grip

The left handlebar supports the clutch assembly. This operates similar to a manual transmission car; when shifting gears, you simply pull the clutch lever in to disengage the gears from the engine and allow easy shifting. The yellow button is the horn. Use it for emergencies is very loud. Above that is the left and right turn signal switch. The red switch above the turn signal switch is the head light switch.

Please note that in order to start the bike either by kick starting or electric start, the bike must have a key in the ignition in the ON position, the bike must be in NEUTRAL, and the front brake lever engaged. Please refer to your owner's manual for additional starting tips.







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